Where to find us

Church Service


We are excited to host a life-giving church service every Sunday at 08:45 and 10:15 at Tygerberg High School. You are invited to come as you are!

Directions to Tygerberg High School


  • Places of worship are allowed a maximum of 50% of venue capacity. This occupancy limit allows for individuals or households to remain at least 1.5 meters apart at any time. All the chairs will therefore be spaced 1.5m apart, with rows blocked off.
  • No one will be allowed into the venue without a mask.
  • Our amazing volunteers will help direct the flow of people in and out of the building. To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone, please arrive 15 minutes earlier to allow us to do all the temperate checks and sanitising.
  • Hand sanitizers will be at the door for people to use when they enter and exit the building. The same will apply for View Kids, there will be sanitisers available in each venue.
  • We will remove all non-essential communal items, such as offering envelopes and connect cards. These items will be available in the connect area, should you wish to take one.
  • Please remember to replace hugs, kisses and handshakes with virtual high fives, a nice nod or wave!



  • We will avoid passing the offering bucket around, please continue using our online giving systems (EFT and Snapscan) for tithes and offering.
  • Additionally, you will be able to use our credit card facilities for any offerings and donations.
  • We will have offering envelopes available in the Connect Area, should you wish do give your tithes in cash. Please place your offering in our offering box, mounted on the wall in the back of the auditorium.



  • The coffee and food you have come to know and love will be on sale.
  • To ensure everyone’s safety we have also put the following measures in place:
    • We will ensure adequate sanitizing stations are located close to food.
    • We will ensure appropriate physical distancing is maintained in food service and eating areas.
    • Physical contact between the designated serving team and congregants should not occur while serving food or drinks. Instead, the server will place the individual food or drink portion in a congregant’s outstretched hand, or on a table for the congregant to pick up.
    • The designated serving team will wear rubber gloves when serving.



  • We have established a cleaning and disinfecting protocol that addresses high-contact surfaces throughout the facility, including doors, tables, and chairs as well as our View Kids venues.
  • We have developed a cleaning schedule and have assigned and trained a staff person who is responsible for completing cleaning tasks and ensuring these tasks are completed.
  • The facility and View Kids venues have been cleaned and at the end of each service we will make use of disinfectant fogger spray to sanitise the above mentioned areas.
  • We will make sanitizer available to congregants, volunteers, and staff at all times. We will have free standing dispensers in the auditorium and foyer areas as well as in the View Kids venues.