Our Ministries



Mid-week Admin

Our admin team receives all connect cards and will get in touch with the person to answer questions, connect them to a View Group or help them take their next step. The admin team also oversees our database, making sure the information we have about our congregation stays up to date.



Mid-week Assistance

If you are available during the week to assist with maintenance, repairs, driving around to collect and drop goods, baking, hospital visits and general pastoral care, this is a great team to serve on!



The volunteers that serve on this team do not simply serve food and coffee; they serve people. If you enjoy working in the kitchen or seeing the expression on someone’s face when they take that first sip of good coffee or that first bite of a delicious cupcake, this is the team for you!



It is important to us that church feels like home! The decor team are the ones to thank for those personal touches we see every Sunday. For big events, like Christmas, Mother’s Day etc. we transform our building even more in order to lead people into a great environment! We love creativity and working in a team.



This team aims to remove discomfort and loneliness from the equation on a Sunday through welcoming people, ushering and directing them, connecting with them before and after service, and assisting in offering and communion.



Intercession Team

We believe in the power of prayer! Here at View Church Tygerberg Hills, we have an intercession team that prayers for every aspect of the Sunday service, behind the scenes, during the service. If the idea of breakthrough in the lives of those attending on a Sunday excites you, this is the team that you should join.



This team of individuals and families function and flow in the gift of giving as described in Romans 12:8. This team comes alive by extending God’s Kingdom by providing resource above and beyond bringing their tithe to the storehouse. So many of our social justice projects, church campaigns, mission trips, and evangelistic events all come from this incredible team.



This team is focused on serving our next generation; View Kids, View Youth and Young Adults.

For View Kids, there are many duties that make up a Sunday morning service, but ultimately you will assist a child in encountering the love of Jesus and discovering their purpose in Him.

Our View Youth happens on Friday evenings, and you can sign up to be a leader and help these teens grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Our Students and Young Adults meet during the week for View Group, and have socials where they connect and encourage each other.



This team is committed to creatively communicating the gospel message on a Sunday through social media, photography, videography, sound, lights and projections. You do not have to be skilled in these areas. You simply need to be willing to learn and your team leader will teach you everything you need to know.



Salvation Team

If you are passionate about leading and guiding people through their first step in giving their life to Jesus, then salvation team serves on Sundays by praying and connecting with new believers.



This team is the face of View! Directing cars and people to the entrance of the church, you will be the first faces that people see. This team serves behind the scenes to ensure that a Sunday service runs smoothly. If you are willing to work with your hands and a smile to ensure this, sign up to join this team.



As a Christ-centered church, we believe that we are called to love our community and empower others to live for more. James 1:7 directs us to take care of those with less opportunity than us. TRUE currently runs every Saturday in the Ravensmead community where we run discipleship groups for disempowered women and children. Along with social relief, we bring the gospel and consistent mentoring relationships to an area rife with alcohol and drug abuse.

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This team is committed to helping people encounter God through leading them in worship on Sundays. This would require some level of musicality, as it involves playing an instrument or singing.



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