We are so excited about our Better Together Miracle Offering happening on Sunday, 29 October 2023! The Miracle Offering is a step of faith and obedience, as we believe God asked us as a church to expand His Kingdom by sowing into 4 different areas. We have a mandate to spread the Gospel, disciple people and lead them to their next step in their walk with Jesus. We believe through this miracle offering we will be able to exponentially sow into the Kingdom of God and see a hundred-fold harvest!


Each year, we as the senior leadership team of View Church Tygerberg Hills, seek the face of God for a word for our church. This year the Lord impressed Abide on our hearts, and that we are to do everything we can to help our families become more like Jesus and live lives that bring Him glory.

We have sought to do this by leading our people through these 3 pillars:


• Applying God’s word consistently

• Walking with Jesus personally

• Connecting with others intentionally


We do this through View Groups, Equip Groups, serving, Sunday services, justice, and  missions. Our heart has always been to see the name of Jesus lifted high in our nation, and we believe that this can be achieved through the local church.


We have continued to say from the first day we launched our church in 2018, that we are always better together. Our church is not built on the gifts of few, but rather the sacrifice of many. This offering is not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice. When everyone brings something no one lacks anything.


If the last few years have shown us anything, it is that the world needs Jesus now more than ever before. In perilous times the world needs a powerful church. We are that church. This is the time. Our moment is now.

Better Together Miracle Offering
Better Together Miracle Offering 4 Soils
Better Together Miracle Offering

We will receive our Better Together Miracle Offering on Sunday, 29 October 2023. If God has laid a particular ministry or soil on your heart, please use any of the options below to sow into God’s Kingdom. Please join us on this special day as we gather and pray together.


Ways to Give


1] A single, once-off offering

2] An ongoing, monthly offering towards a specific soil

3] A pledged amount to be given by the end of 2023


Giving Options

View Church Tygerberg Hills

FNB Cheque Business Account

Account: 630 5333 8266

Branch: 203809

Reference: Better Together

You can give your offering in cash on the Sunday. Giving envelopes will be available.

If God has laid a particular ministry, project or soil on your heart please reference: ChurchPlanting / Missions / Justice / Home

If God has laid a particular ministry, project or soil on your heart please reference: ChurchPlanting / Missions / Justice / Home

Better Together Miracle Offering